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Wing Chun Master Lo Man Kam with Sifu Bradley TempleWing Chun Kung Fu as taught by the late Grandmaster Yip Man, is best known as the late Bruce Lee's martial arts foundation. Focusing on simple techniques of natural human movement and reaction, Wing Chun is easy to learn and apply to self-defense situations. Wing Chun focuses on fluidity and a strong structure over brute strength and speed.

Tested and proven in tournaments, challenge matches and street fights, Wing Chun is a very effective martial art and method of self defense

Sifu Bradley Temple teaches the Las Vegas Wing Chun Kung fu school branch of the Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Federation.

Sifu Bradley is a direct disciple of Master Lo Man Kam who is Grandmaster Yip Man's maternal nephew. Bradley began his studies in Wing Chun Kung Fu in Taiwan, directly under Master Lo Man Kam in 1995. He now continues Master Lo's teachings in the U.S.A. at the Lo Man Kam Las Vegas Wing Chun Kung Fu School. For the first time in Las Vegas Nevada, this direct, Yip Man lineage martial arts training is now available to you.

Authentic Yip Man Wing Chun as Taught by Master Lo Man Kam

Master Lo Man Kam is the Maternal Nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man. Lo Man Kam is one of the original Hong Kong students of Yip Man, and the first and only family member that the Grandmaster taught before 1960.

We are proud to be the ONLY source of the Yip Man/Lo Man Kam lineage available to teach Traditional Yip Man Wing Chun in the state of Nevada.

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