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OFFICIAL STATEMENT : Wing Chun is NOT intended for competition. We do not train for competition or points sparring , nor is competition participation required (or even encouraged). However, in the rare instances when some of our students have expressed a desire to participate in an "official" competitive environment, Sifu Bradley has supported their decision and worked with them to help them prepare. So while competing is an exception to the rule, we are not afraid to compete and on the rare occaisions where we have, we have done exceptionally well (according to the judges). So with that in mind, here are the results of the last competition a few of our students chose to particiipate in...

Bringing Home The Gold

Sifu Bradley and three of his students competed in the July 2007 Taiji Legacy International Martial Arts Tournament Competition held in Dallas Texas. They won the beginners, intermediate and advanced level for Wing Chun (forms, chi sau, wooden dummy and Free Fighting - not points sparring) and Martial Arts Spirit, bringing home 16 medals, most of them GOLD.

Martial Arts Tournament

Our School Won More GOLD Medals than ANY other Wing Chun School at the Event!

Pictured above from left to right are: Marcus, Gary, Sifu Bradley and Darwin (Sifu Bradley's personal disciples). Sifu Bradley actually competed along side his students at the tournament in the advanced level, and as you can see by the medals he is wearing, did extremely well.

It's also noteworthy to mention that Sifu Bradley was the only wing chun instructor in attendance that actually competed in the event along side students. Based on his demonstrated knowledge and skills, he has been invited to be a judge at the next international competition.

Sifu with Wooden Dummy
Sifu Benny Meng observes as Sifu Bradley
demonstrates the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form

Wing Chun Middle Weight Division Results

In the middle weight, wing chun chi sau competition, the last two competitors left standing were both our own (Pictured below) and had to be paired off to fight each other. However these two guys have crossed arms with each other many times in class so it was pretty natural for them.

Sifu Benny Meng observes as Darwin and Marcus Free Form Chi Sau
Darwin and Marcus

Wing Chun Heavy Weight Division Results

In the heavy weight division the student who won ALL GOLD MEDALS for everything he competed in was also our own. The interesting thing to note is Gary (pictured below) at the time of this competition was only a one year student of Sifu Bradley.

Gary Wing Chun Fight

It's one thing to claim a martial art is effective and a Kung Fu School is one of the best, it's another thing to actually be willing and able to prove it in the heat of real International Competition.

VictoryCongratulations on a job well done guys. Thanks for bringing home the GOLD and thank you Sifu Bradley for teaching us how to make it happen!

About Our School

Sifu Bradley Temple of the Las Vegas, Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu school is a direct disciple of Master Lo Man Kam (Grandmaster Yip Man's maternal nephew). Sifu Bradley teaches authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught by the late Grandmaster Yip Man to Master Lo Man Kam.

If you are looking for a direct lineage, authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu School, we invite you to review and compare our qualifications, lineage, background and track rechord with any other Wing Chun School.

We are confident you will discover, as many of us have, that you won't find a more effective style of authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu anywhere.

Drop by for a FREE Introductory Class or call Sifu Bradley for more information. We look forward to training with you!


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