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Classify Your Martial Arts Weapon

Posted by Guest Author On April - 1 - 2011

Learning martial arts is really a massive benefit for anyone in the event of a battle or fight. Certainly someone who has no martial arts training will certainly be beaten up by a person who understands a certain type of martial art. Furthermore, those individuals who do have knowledge and skills of martial arts doesn’t cease there. Aside from understanding the physical aspect of martial arts they also discover how you can wield a martial arts weapon for their advantage. Martial arts weaponry is a really vital element of martial arts.


There are a lot of martial arts weapons around. In the event you go online you’ll be able to see the list of martial arts weapons. Apart from that you can find also martial arts weapons for sale. It is really hassle-free should you have web access today since something you want to search for is in the World Wide Web.


From the numerous weapons available, the question is, do you realize what sort of weapon you might be holding or wielding? You can find a lot of types of martial arts weapons. The following are the classifications of the martial arts weapons:


Knife Classification

• Balisong

• Katara push knife

• Machete

• Deer Horn Knives

• Karambit

• Kukri

• Kujang

• Kunai

• Push dagger

• Rondel

• Makhaira

• Tanto

• Trench Knife

• Bowie knife

• Kris

• Dagger

Western Fencing Classification

• Main-gauche

• Épée

• Foil

• Small sword

• Sabre

Short Staff Classification

• Hanbo

• Shillelagh

• Tambo

• Kurunthadi

• Yubi-bo

• Otta

• Arnis sticks

• Tonfa

• Yawara

• Simbat

• Jo

• Nunchaku

• Kubotan

Sword Classification

• Tachi

• Gladius

• Japanese sword

• Falcata

• Bokken

• Bolo

• Butterfly sword

• Claymore

• Daito

• Dao

• Arming sword

• Doppelhänder

• Federschwert

• Golok

• Großes Messer

• Hook sword

• Iaito

• Jian

• Broadsword

• Kampilan

• Chisakatana

• Katana

• Kodachi

• Longsword

• Nagamaki

• Ninjato

• Nodachi

• Pata

• Pulwar

• Rapier

• Shamshir

• Scimitar

• Scramasax

• Shinai

• Single-sword

• Talwar

Club Classification

• Mere

• Mace

• Gunstock war club

• Patu

• Morning star

• Shillelagh

• kanabo

Short Range Projectile Classification

• Chakram

• Blowgun

• Sling

• Shuriken

Truncheon Classification

• Sai

• Jutte

• Telescopic baton

• Blackjack or Slapjack


These are just several of the classifications of martial arts weapons. In the event you wish to discover more you’ll be able to go on-line for a lot more. These classifications exhibits how diverse and incredible martial arts truly is.



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