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About Master Lo Man Kam

Wing Chun Master Lo Man Kam with Sifu Bradley TempleThe maternal nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man, Sifu Lo Man Kam began learning Wing Chun Kung Fu from his uncle when he was 18 years old.

As a youth, Master Lo Man Kam, spent much time living with Master Yip Man in the Fut San district in Canton Province. Later, as a young man in Hong Kong, he was among the first three students of Yip Man, and studied there with him for many years. Thus, his knowledge of the Wing Chun Kung Fu taught by his uncle Yip Man is extremely extensive.

To this day, he still progresses in Wing Chun, continually seeking to expand an already profound understanding of his art.

Using his vast knowledge of martial arts, he has integrated Wing Chun’s proactive approach with joint locking and throwing skills to form the foundation of the Taiwan police martial art curriculum. He has further extended Wing Chun's philosophies and theories to apply to everyday life.

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In 1974, Sifu Lo Man Kam established the first and only Wing Chun Kung Fu school in Taiwan. Distinguished as an unparalleled teacher, he has helped spread the Chinese fighting arts throughout the world. His school resembles a United Nations of Kung Fu, with students from 34 countries and territories: including Switzerland, Germany, the USA, France, Israel, Canada, Poland, Belgium, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, and many others.

Through his efforts, he has shared this aspect of Chinese culture, and has become something of a cultural ambassador for the Chinese people. Of course, Wing Chun is well known in martial arts circles as Superstar Bruce Lee's first fighting style. In fact, Sifu Lo was the giant's third senior kung fu brother in Hong Kong, and perhaps it is also this fact that draws so many foreigners to his school to join the Chinese who train there.

Little Known FACTS about Wing Chun Master Lo Man Kam

FACT #1: Lo is Grandmaster Yip Man's Maternal Nephew and one of Yip Man't FIRST THREE Official Students. He is the only one of the original three students still living!

FACT #2: Lo began his formal training/discipleship under his uncle in 1950 when he was just 18 years old, TEN YEARS before Yip Man's sons began their formal training.

FACT #3: Lo was devoted to his uncle and deeply interested in Wing Chun even as a small child, but because Yip Man NEVER taught young children under 18 (including his own), Lo had to wait until he was 18 to begin his training. Master Lo continued his training uninterrupted and has remained committed to Wing Chun his entire life. He was commissioned by his uncle Yip Man to take the Wing Chun Kung Fu system to Taiwan. In 1974, Master Lo Man Kam established the first and only Wing Chun Kung Fu school in Taiwan where he teaches to the present day.

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